Stephen Colbert takes on Amazons White Background Photography Patent

by JamesNYCMay 16. 2014 02:35

It really take a certain type of ridiculousness or greed to draw the ire of Steven Colbert and have him dedicate time to pointing that out. But last weeks many announcements regarding the Amazon patent for Photography on a white background and the blow back from the professional photographic community was reason enough to draw The Colbert Reports attention.

This:  The Colbert Report segment does a great job of highlighting the ridiculous culture of patents; and as Steven points out: “so if you have an idea, and you work hard, someday you too can get sued by someone who had a similar idea”  before diving right into how Amazon’s wordy description of a common practice is, not “bull shit,” but rather “male bovine fecal matter extruded on a longitudinal axis.”

Don’t worry though, Amazon’s gonna get what’s coming to them because Colbert filed a patent that goes even one step further than patenting a technique everyone uses always… he patented patenting things. Check out the video to see it all for yourself and we hope this helps start off your Friday on a fun note.

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Yvonne Muller
Yvonne Muller
5/21/2014 7:16:24 AM #

How cool.  Here's to Colbert's windfall.

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