End of the year photo equipment sales, getting the best price.

by JamesNYCDecember 17. 2013 02:50

End of the year photo equipment sales, …getting the best price.

There is a little known fact when it comes to retail sales in the photo industry.
It primarily applies to more big-ticket items ($500.00 and above) that are targeted towards commercial advertising photographers, equipment rental houses, photo studios, photo assistants and digital techs; but specialty photo retailers will take the money of the average photo enthusiast too… “Because hey, green is green”.

A great many retailers, but more specifically ‘specialty photo retailers’ are required to meet sales quotas every year for many of the brands they sell in order to remain viable and retain the coveted designation of: “Authorized dealer”.

Now this may not mean much to most people shopping for professional photographic equipment, but to dealers this ranks right up their with being crowned prom queen.

Because of this yearly requirement placed on retailers by big name brands must move a specific number of a brands items and total dollar sales per year in order to retain their “Authorized dealer” status.
NOTE - Because of the politics that so pervasive in the photo industry and the fact that those: sales reps, marketing people and corporate heads, that are SOOO reactionary, that my posting the brand names of these companies would detrimental to my business.

Meeting these sales quotas is not really a problem for larger retailers such as Adorama, and B&H Photo; they often do more sales in a single week then many smaller retailers will do during an entire year

Probably the most notable story that over heard over the years was the sale of a medium format digital back for $500 below the dealers cost. This specialty retailer had a habit of calling potential buyers evey10-14 days if they ever showed any sign or interest in buying the companies products. Fed up one client called then back at the end of the year and and told then what he was willing to pay. They retailer so desperate to make that 1 sales took the $500.00 hit just to made their sales quota for that year. This is an rather extreme example and completely ture I might add; but it does show case the fact that the customer can hold the power.

This means that these last 2 weeks of December each year are the absolute best time of year to go in and negotiate for the lowest possible price on say… perhaps that  Phase One digital back or maybe that Profoto studio strobe system that you’ve been putting off.
And the closer to the end of the year the more desperate some retailers will be and willing to lower their price.
This is also a good thing because that purchase will also be a tax deduction for your business.

Happy Shopping.

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