Photo Sundial App Gives You the Sun, the Stars, the Moon and more

by JamesNYCSeptember 5. 2013 11:37

Photo Sundial created by photographer Rick Sammon is an interactive app loaded with features that help you find the best light, sunlight, starlight and moonlight.


The new app, a great planning and on-site tool for all levels of photographers, is my 12th app. It is on sale until September 30th for $2.99. After that date the price goes to $4.99.



Key features include:
• Interactive touch screen that shows the position of the sun
• Easiest and most fun-to-use sun-finder app available
• Text and voice search
• Shows sunrise and sunsets times
• Displays the phases of the moon
• Enables photo sharing
• Photo gallery with 25 of my favorite sunrise and sunset photo with tips
• Includes a sun compass and shadow meter
• Shows five-day forecast
• Allows you to set current locations
• Sunrise and sunset planner
• Direct link to my Follow the Sun site
• The only all-in-one sun-finder app you'll need.


Check out the full details here

You can download the universal app here – universal as in the app works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 6 or greater.


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