Penelope Cruz Writes and Directs New Agent Provocateur Film

by JamesNYCAugust 1. 2013 01:55

Penelope Cruz Writes and Directs the new Agent Provocateur Film
Her husband Javier Bardem Appears in the Ad to Launch Cruz's New Collection

Penelope Cruz Wrote and Directed the new Agent Provocateur Film and her husband Javier Bardem appears in Ad to Launch Cruz's New Collection

Penelope Cruz wasn't enjoying any down-time while she was pregnant. The actress, who recently gave birth to her second child, was busy with another creation: her first collection for lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. To launch the line, called "L'Agent," she directed and produced a surreal short film starring Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre, who finds himself in an opulent home mysteriously full of gorgeous, lingerie-clad women. Model Irina Shayk has a starring role as chief seducer, who eventually puts the hunky actor under a sweaty, dizzy spell until actor Javier Bardem (a.k.a. Mr. Cruz) appears. Ms. Cruz's pregnant sister, Monica, who co-designed the line, also makes a cameo.

The plot itself isn't groundbreaking, and we've seen more edgy creative from Agent Provocateur, which came under fire recently for this freaky ad starring a woman being stalked by dominatrix vamps. However, it might be appropriate for L'Agent, meant to be more accessible and affordable with underthings that people can wear everyday.


Here's a look at another controversial video produced for Agent Provocateur

The U.K.'s famously assertive advertising watchdog today upheld a complaint about an Agent Provocateur video on the luxury lingerie brand's website. The film, which introduced AP's 2011/2012 collection, was directed by Justin Anderson and produced out of Epoch. It features a woman dressed in an innocent-looking nightgown stalked by what turns out to be a group of scantily-dressed dominatrix-types, who ultimately descend upon her and give her a "makeover" more befitting of the Agent Provocateur brand. The film, titled "Fleurs du Mal," was cleared of misogyny complaint by the ASA in March.

A more recent complainant argued that the film was "irresponsible" since it appeared on a website where children could easily access it. Not only did the ASA conclude that the site lacked sufficient age verification protection, it also sharply reprimanded the brand for its "lack of response and apparent disregard for the Code," after Agent Provocateur chose to simply not respond to the ASA's inquiry.

The ASA ruled that the ad must be put in a place where children cannot easily access it. However, the brand's identity has always been defined by its category-defying, provocative, sensual videos. What do you think? Should the ASA lighten up because this video is at least creatively different from the plethora of other lingerie spots? Or is its overtly sexual tone -- which is replicated in plenty of YouTube videos anyway -- a just cause for worry?

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