Tanzania 4 Two - the video By Claudia Hehr Photography

by JamesNYCDecember 13. 2012 11:08

Tanzania 4 Two - the video   By Claudia Hehr Photography

This summer I was invited to travel to Tanzania for 2 weeks with non-profit Artists for World Peace.
They are working with the Good Hope Orphanage in Kibosho-Umbwe to improve education, health and living standards of orphans and villagers. It was an amazing trip where I met the most incredible people and was able to document what a huge difference a group of artists can make in the lives of not-so fortunate people. I loved the opportunity to do good with what I know best - photography. This video is meant to share my experience with you. I hope you enjoy it !
If you'd like to find out more about Artists for World Peace, please visit: artistsforworldpeace.org
You can see more of my work on: claudiahehrphoto.com and the blog I set up for the Tanzania trip:

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