Form letter that is currently making the rounds to people in the NYC. photo community

by JamesNYCJuly 24. 2012 18:45
Below is a form letter that is currently making the rounds to people in the NYC. photo community.
Hello  [ Insert Photographers or Company name here ],
How are you?  To start I really like your site and studio.
You are probably wondering who I am.  My name is  [ Senders Name here ]  and I am a young photographer who is just starting out in this business.  I am very enthusiastic to introduce myself to you.  As you know photography equipment isn't cheap and as it stands I have very limited financial resources at the moment, because of this I am asking your help.  My request is to take any used equipment, that  [ Insert Photographers or Company name here ] may be throwing away or selling, off of the studios hands.  Even if you are throwing out old computers, seamless, clamps, c–stands, lights, cables, kitchen ware, trolleys, chairs, props, batteries literally anything - I would love the opportunity to be your personal garbage man :).  Since my financial situation doesn't allow me to purchase any of these things at the moment if you are looking to sell any items I would be unable to buy them, but if you are willing to barter I could provide payment in any type of manual labor you might need - I am very responsible, reliable and hard working.  I have construction experience in framing houses, carpentry (bed frames, tables, stairs, shelving units, etc.) and could possibly be of help.  
Thank you for your consideration to this idea and have a great day,
[ Senders Name here ]




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