Leaf Capture 11.5.2 Now Available

by JamesNYCSeptember 27. 2011 06:58

Leaf Capture Version 11.5.2 is now available.

Key features:   New user interface and firmware update for Mamiya DM digital backs.



Leaf Capture 11.5

Leaf Capture 11.5 brings the new Leaf GUI (Graphic User Interface) to all models in the Leaf Aptus-II series. In addition to the new GUI this major release includes support for lens calibration when shooting to a CF card and also accelerates performance times.

New Leaf GUI - The new Leaf GUI provides an intuitive and user-friendly upgrade to Leaf’s previous one. Designed with the needs of professional photographers in mind, it offers improved workflow processes and quicker access to important features through innovative tools such as favorite settings. The new Leaf GUI’s outdoor theme also makes exterior shooting much easier by improving visibility in high glare and reflection situations.

Lens Calibration while shooting to CF card - Lens calibration files fix effects like lens fall-off and color cast which can appear when shooting with wide angle lenses. Now available while shooting to CF card. Until now this feature was only operable when shooting tethered. For information on how to use Lens Calibration when shooting to CF card please see the 11.5 release notes. Click here for a comprehensive Leaf Lens Calibration Guide.

Accelerated Performance – Leaf Capture 11.5 also includes firmware updates which accelerate start-up time by up to 50% (speed times vary per specific model) and speed-up zoom by up to 30%.

Click here for additional information regarding this new user interface.

Download Leaf Capture 11.5.2
Leaf Capture 11.5.2 Release Notes

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