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by JamesNYCSeptember 13. 2011 08:17

The following is from Photographer David Harry Stewart blog.

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Goodbye loyal Epson 4800, its been fun, but time for you to go. Hello CYMK printed book.

This is something we have been working on her the last few months, a properly printed bound book. It is done using just in time printing technology with a big ole Canon 7600. The book is laid out in InDesign, which is a joy to use. The printer does the CYMK conversions. We send the ID package to our printer, it takes him a day to print it, and 2 days later we have the book. Amazing right? But it gets better. Each book costs about $65, and would be less except that mine is oversized. But $65 is nothing considering that a single 220ml ink cartridge for the Epson is about $100 and there are 8 of them. Then there is the paper, the month it takes to print, trim, punch and fold the pages. Not to mention the binders are going to cost in the $300 each range.

I can’t tell you how excited we are about the possibilities this technology will open for us. I mean, say I need more copies of the book. With an one email I can have as many copies as I want in my agents hands in 3 days. Or say I want to make a targeted portfolio, say only portraits. No problem, easy to do.

I will never again print an Epson portfolio. For far less than the price of 3 of those books, I can have 15 of these new ones, and I get them in 3 days! Awesome, right?


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