The Pro-B MainsDock - Turn your battery pack into a full-blown studio generator.

by JamesNYCMay 25. 2011 14:15

In the past, you had to make a choice. When you bought, you had to choose between the mobility of a battery pack and the endurance of a studio generator. When you rented, you had to choose between outdoor and indoor equipment.

But now you can have it both ways. The Pro-B MainsDock is an adaptor that turns your Pro-7b, Pro-B2 and Pro-B3 battery packs into full-blown studio generators. It even lets you use a continuous model light when working with the Pro-B2 or the Pro-B3!

The Pro-B MainsDock is robust, suitable for international travel and automatically adjusts to any mains voltage in the world.

Does it sound interesting?

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