1ProPhoto.Com is please to announce the release of our: 1ProPhoto - Lighting Diagrams Vol. 1

by JamesNYCFebruary 10. 2013 00:45

We have created a fully interactive experience with every item on our Virtual Photo Set.
This has previously been a part of our workshops and offers to our workshops attendees on CD and was first created 11 years ago in the early days of FLASH. As we continual change our lighting workshops and now demonstrate a great many different lighting setups we felt that it was time to offer our Lighting diagrams to a wider audience.

This is a screen capture demonstrating some of the functionality of our lighting diagrams interactivity.

Included is sampling of lighting diagrams we have demoed during our: Photo Assistant Boot Camp, Studio lighting workshops, & even our Digital Tech Workshops. All of the lighting diagrams have been previously complimented on commercial photo shoots that we have worked on. Real world and time tested to produce the results displayed in the included examples.

These lighting diagrams include the use of: Studio Strobes, ARRI lights both tungsten and HMI's, KinoFlo's and a vast array of studio grip equipment including the CHIMERA OctaPlus57 & CHIMERA Video Pro Series light banks.

Check out the Lighting diagrams page here

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Using a Red Wing boom as video camera jib.

by JamesNYCDecember 28. 2012 21:57

Last week I was helping out a friend with his editorial fashion shoot that he shot using Wet Plate Collodian process; by recording it on video.

I used a Red Wing Boom as a camera jib in order to get a few more camera options which is something I've been meaning to try for sometime.

As you can see it was easy to do simply by adding some basic grip equipment that most photographers would usually have on hand in their studios.

I used a: Bogen super clamp, a Manfroto magic arm, a knuckle and a 6" wall plate which I had previously drilled and tapped and attached to my Cannon HD video camera. Although anyone could just as easily use any combination of grip equipment to achieve the same thing rather than spending money on an additional piece of equipment just to perform jib movements.

For those wondering why I didn't just attach the magic arm to the end of the Boom pin by adding another knuckle, that because I use this same combination of grip as a steady cam set up so having a quick release option to from 1 to the other is a nice option.

This setup proved to work extremely well and afforded great stability; and also because the boom was on a rolling stand it allowed me to move around the studio and change elevation in nice smooth motions. A short edit of the video from this shoot will be posted in the coming days.

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Creating Daylight with strobe in the studio

by JamesNYCDecember 13. 2012 13:36

This week I was hired for an advertising shoot to: "Create slightly diffused southern daylight" with strobes in a rentals studio here in NYC. for a pharmaceutical campaign.

This was a fun challenge as most of the time people want straight daylight duplicated in the studio; or they hand me a tear sheet and say: "..make it look like this...". More often than not photographers and assistants will bring in HMI lights (4K or larger) onto a set and call it "Good-nuff" when attempting to duplicate a day light type of light source in the studio.


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On the way to the studio after a night of editing News From The Set Cart - episode #00.

by JamesNYCAugust 31. 2011 05:52

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1ProPhotoTV.Com - News From The Set Cart

A great Studio space and studio share option in Manhattan

by JamesNYCFebruary 8. 2011 23:13
I had the opertunity today to work on a shoot at South Light Studio in NYC. today.
This is a really great studio in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, just a few blocks from Penn station.
Close to all of the major rental studios, and it has really GREAT South window light, and great customer service.
Really worth checking ok next time you need a rental studio.

AND this great space currently has the option as a studio share. See the details below.


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