Profoto Introduces ProDaylight 400 Air and ProDaylight 800 Air

by JamesNYCSeptember 19. 2010 21:40

Elmsford, NY – September 20th 2010 – Profoto, the world's leading manufacturer of professional photography lighting and Light Shaping Tools, is proud to introduce ProDaylight 400 Air and 800 Air.

ProDaylight 400 Air and ProDaylight 800 Air are Metal Halide based continuous light sources, which are dedicated to work with most of the existing line of Profoto's Light Shaping Tools. The powerful Metal Halide lamp provides daylight or color temperature, which is ideal for many photo and video shoots.

Thanks to the higher efficiency and light quality of Metal Halide technology, ProDaylight units can provide an ideal light for your HD videos. In addition, ProDaylight units are equipped with a state of the art cooling system which is designed to eliminate noise. Designed for heavy-duty use, the new ProDaylight's metal housing, ballast, and all components are solid, reliable, and withstand even the most demanding shooting situations. ProDaylight units also have built-in Profoto's "Air" radio remote capability, which gives the user the capability to activate or deactivate and dim 50% of the light. By using Profoto's Studio software, a user can create and coordinate multiple lighting setups, which includes numerous units of flashes and continuous lights from the computers.

Flicker-free electronic ballast with control of ballast frequency enables user to use ProDaylight in low frame to high frame rate video shoots.

ProDaylight is designed to produce higher efficiency and light quality for photographers, videographers, and cinematographers.

Deliveries of ProDaylight start beginning of December 2010

Download Profoto-ProDaylight-AB-LR.pdf Brochure(1.79 mb)


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Profoto Introduces D4 Air Series

by JamesNYCSeptember 19. 2010 21:17

Profoto Introduces D4 Air Series
Precise, versatile flash generators with integrated radio remote and synchronization

Elmsford, NY – September 20th 2010 – Profoto, the world's leading manufacturer of professional photography lighting and light shaping tools is proud to introduce the D4 Air series.

Profoto D4 flash generators are renowned worldwide for their exemplary color and power stability, wide power range, precise adjustments and easy handling. Four fully a symmetrical flash sockets, in combination with a wide assortment of light shaping tools, make them perfect all-around tools to master even the most demanding photographic jobs.

Profoto also implements its proven "Air" radio remote and sync system in the D4 series. The new D4 1200 Air, D4 2400 Air and D4 4800 Air generators offer comfortable radio remote and reliable radio synchronization via the small and handy Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync transceivers (Air Sync – synchronization only). Profoto's Studio software makes it possible, in combination with the optional Profoto Air USB transceiver, to control, save and recall all settings wireless by a Mac or PC.


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End of a really good week.

by JamesNYCSeptember 17. 2010 16:05
Did 3 days of editorial beauty out of state, and today did lighting for a video shoot here in NYC for Sharper Image.
We shot with the Canon 7D and the Canon 5DMKII.
Nothing better than being hired for good jobs were the photographer lets you do what he hired you for.
Video footage of the behind the scenes stuff after the AD approves it.

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by JamesNYCSeptember 17. 2010 07:50

Solms, Germany (September 17, 2010) - On September 14, 2010, Leica Camera AG began a virtual paper chase through Berlin – ‘Berlinspiration’. For seven consecutive days, the German camera manufacturer will post pictures of the capital city on its Facebook page, and invites fans of photography from around the world to take part in the puzzle by guessing the locations of the photos and getting to know Berlin from an entirely new perspective.


The contest prize is a brand-new Leica camera that will be launched at this year’s Photokina, the leading trade show for the world of photography, held September 21-26, 2010 in Cologne, Germany. Additionally, posters showing the winner will be posted on billboards around the city. Berlinspiration finishes on September 21 and the winner will be announced on September 22 at 3 p.m. at Photokina.


Berlinspiration is not the place to go looking for touristy pictures of the city’s sights: the photos are unusual and humorous insights into the life of the metropolis. To guide you, Leica has hidden away on the web a choice of five different answers and digital clues. True ‘Berlinsiders’ may have the competitive edge – but a bit of research on the Web offers people around the world a great chance of finding all the right answers too.


A trailer posted on Vimeo also publicizes Berlinspiration on the Web – click here to view it: . If you want to take part in Berlinspiration, all you have to do is click here:

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Free Webinar! Sponsored by:onOne Software & X-Rite

by JamesNYCSeptember 17. 2010 06:52

Tuesday, September 21st

1PM Pacific Daylight Time
(3PM Central, 2PM Mountain, 4PM Eastern)
Learn More and Register Here

Join Brian Matiash as he shows you how to use PhotoTools to maximize the amount of detail you can pull out of your UrbEx/Grunge HDR images and develop a style all your own. For more detailed information please click on one of the registration links listed above.

Visit Brian's daily blog at
View Brian’s commercial photography at

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Release of Capture One 5.2

by JamesNYCSeptember 14. 2010 06:47

Phase One announced teh release os the latest major updaet to Capture One Pro  - V.5.2.0

This new release of Capture One comes in three versions: 5.2, 5.2 PRO and 5.2 DB.
Capture One 5.2 is a free service release to existing Capture One 5.x owners.
Capture One 5.2 is a paid upgrade to customers with Capture One 4.x and 4.x PRO and a free upgrade to customers with Capture One 4.x DB.
Capture One 5.2 PRO/DB is a major upgrade to the respective versions of Capture One 3.x. Existing customers with Capture One 3.x PRO/DB can upgrade to a similar version of Capture One 5.2 at no extra cost.
Features and enhancements:
 LCC based dust removal.
 LCC support for Leaf portable files (also used for tethered operation)
 LCC support for large number of DSLR RAW formats.
 Live View support for Leaf backs and Mamiya DM systems.
 Significantly improved tethered performance for Leaf Aptus II series backs.
 Updated firmware for selected Leaf backs and Mamiya DM systems.
 More camera controls supported for some cameras.
 Preferences to disable tethered support based on camera make.
 Color tag in processed file.
 New lens profile for Phase One 35mm lens
 New lens profile for Schneider Kreuznach LS 110mm lens.
 Improved P65+ image quality.
 Improved colors and consistency on a number of Nikon cameras (*)
 Improved tone response in ISO mode L1.0, L0.7 and L0.3 for a number of Nikon cameras (*)
 A number of bug fixes.
(*) Nikon D3s, D3x, D3, D2x, D700, D300, D300s, D90 and D80.
Additional camera file support:
 Leica X1
Download here:

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1ProPhoto.Com hits 2000 Photo Assistants in our database.

by JamesNYCSeptember 13. 2010 13:15

Kind of a nice mile stone, hitting that 2000 mark.
And thats not even our total DB listings.
Can't wait to intrioduce you all the new DB when its done in the coming weeks.

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Phase One - Vertical grip for the Phase One 645DF camera

by JamesNYCAugust 24. 2010 22:24

The Phase One V-Grip Air is designed for perfect integration with the Phase One 645DF camera. The V-Grip Air extends the familiar Phase One 645DF ergonomics, dramatically improving portrait shooting and handling. Advanced features include wireless flash trigger for 1/1600sec sync and USB connection port for easy firmware updates of the camera body.
See mor on the Phase One web site.

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The Sun Was High (So Was I)

by JamesNYCAugust 18. 2010 09:49

A new video by photographer David Harry Stewart


A David Harry Stewart film.

See more of David Harry Stewart here>


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Sigma Momtographers' Photo Contest

by JamesNYCAugust 6. 2010 09:14

Submissions for Sigma’s Momtographers’ Contest due Aug. 16
Grand prize winner to receive $2,500 in cash, three others to win $500 in photography gear

Ronkonkoma, NY, Aug. 5, 2010 – Are you a mother who loves to take and share pictures of your kids? If so, you could win cash and photography gear in this year’s Sigma Corporation of America Momtographers’ Contest. But hurry, time is running out!

Sigma Corporation of America is accepting submissions in three categories for the Momtographers’ Contest until midnight on Aug. 16. Photographers my submit images for “Dressed for Success,” “The Holidays and Vacation,” and “Funny Faces” to vie for a grand prize of $2,500 cash.

Once the submission process closes on Aug. 16, the public will vote for their favorite photos through Sept. 20, and the top vote-getter in each category will receive $500 worth of Sigma products. Separate from the voting, Sigma executives will select and announce the grand prize winner on Sept. 29.

For information about the Sigma Corporation of America “Momtographers’ Photo Contest,” eligibility, the application process, material submissions and a formal list of contest rules, visit

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