In the future the iPad will replace the traditional print portfolio.

by JamesNYCJanuary 27. 2010 08:19
In the future photographers, and other graphic and media artists will be will delivering iPads to art directors, photo editors and clients rather than traditional portfolios for the following reasons.

It will cost less than a traditional print portfolio.

it will weight less than a traditional print portfolio.

it will be in a universal format that will make it easy for viewers to navigate. (unless the photographer gets crazy and creates some goofy Nav system. Not that that could ever happen...)

No more spending money on new prints for the book.

No more spending money to repleace acetate pages.

Faster turn around time for adding new images to portfolio.

iPad will allow you to display both images and video in 1 easy to use presentation.

A lost or stolen iPad will cost less to replace than a new portfolio.

Everyone picking it up will know how to use it.

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Shower Series by Manjari Sharma

by JamesNYCDecember 28. 2009 08:43


See more from Manjari Sharma

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Leaf Capture Remote

by JamesNYCDecember 7. 2009 22:34
The Leaf Capture Remote application enables you to view the images from your shots folder on your Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch mobile digital devices

Leaf Capture Remote Minimum System Requirements
• Mac OS 10.5.8 or later
• Leaf Capture 11.2.9 ( download )
• Wi-Fi network
• Ensure that your Mac and mobile digital device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
• Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware v. 3.0 and above

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Photos From our networking event last night

by JamesNYCNovember 17. 2009 22:30

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Dallas/Fortworth Airport

by JamesNYCSeptember 25. 2009 07:59
Lou Jones

On a recent cross-country assignment photographer Lou Jones and his assistant found themselves with multiple delays at the airport. "We amused ourselves in the confusion at the airport gates. Travelers are searching the arrival/departure monitors for information or truth that is just never there."

Lou Jones is also the author of: Speedlights & Speedlites: Creative Flash Photography at Lightspeed

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1ProPhoto.Com - networking event 09 17 2009

by JamesNYCSeptember 18. 2009 09:50

Hey didn't get a chance to stop by our FREE BEER networking event this month?
Well here's what you missed. The new Leica S2 & Leica M9, reps from Bogen, Chimera, FREE food, FREE beer.

But don't worry, 1ProPhoto.Com does a networking event every month at a different location, and with different vender reps.
Sign up for our newsletter and join our face book group to stay up to date with 1ProPhoto.Com and all of our events and workshops.


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Phase One buys Leaf Imageing

by JamesNYCJune 25. 2009 18:05
In a press release today it was announced that Phase One will be buying Leaf Imaging. (see the press release link below.)

Phase One has been the dominant player in the high end digital capture market for the past 5 years due in no small part to the versatility of it's Capture One Pro software which allows tethered digital capture from Phase One medium format digital backs and also high end consumer grade DSLR's. Capture One Pro has also been the most feature rich digital capture program available to professional users and is considered by many to be the best software to use when it comes to processing RAW files.

Phase One and Leaf medium format digital backs have consistently dominated the professional digital capture market; with Hasselblad and Sinar combined only accounting for somewhere around 10% (based on our surveys in the NYC and LA markets.).

Certainly the current debate about which digital back produces the best digital file will now become mute. And by the release of Capture One Pro V.6.0 we could probably expect to see the best of both worlds creating a medium format capture system that is second to none.

Probably the best thing in my opinion that could come out of this would be the possibility of being able to use a Phase One back on an AFi body. As I have stated previously; I believe that the Leaf AFi camera is currently the best functioning and most versitile (in terms of lens options) medium format camera currently on the market. Those that follow this site may have noticed the conspcuious absense of any commentary by me regarding the Phase One 645 Camera since its release more than a year ago.

Imagine the possibilities:
Phase One digital Back LEAF AFi body   Carl Zeiss Lens = Unbeatable combination

COPENHAGEN and TEL AVIV, June 25, 2009 -- Phase One A/S, in conjunction with senior management employees of Leaf, today announced that they have created a new entity, Leaf Imaging Ltd., to purchase certain assets of the Leaf camera business. The assets include the "Leaf" brand product names, engineering design and production tools. The new entity will also enter into an intellectual property license with Eastman Kodak Company that is royalty-bearing to Kodak. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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PocketWizard Introduces the ZoneController

by JamesNYCJune 17. 2009 22:37
To make multiple light set-ups easy to adjust when using the ControlTL™ system, PocketWizard introduces the ZoneController. The ZoneController gives the photographer control over three independent zones of light whether working in E-TTL or manual mode. The PocketWizard ZoneController will be available late summer.


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The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

by JamesNYCMay 30. 2009 08:40
This is why the first word a photographer needs to learn is to say "NO!!

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Surviving The Recession

by JamesNYCDecember 1. 2008 08:10
Jon Hornstein of Creative Touchpoint

This is a challenging time for photographers, as it is for almost all sectors of the economy. The photo industry was already facing a gloomy outlook even prior to the recent stock market meltdown.

The economy is cyclical. Booms followed by busts are the norm. But for many areas of professional photography this recession is a watershed moment. Print publishing, the financial lifeblood of commercial, editorial and corporate photography, was already rapidly loosing readers and advertisers. The current recession will only accelerate the loss of advertising dollars and hasten the death of many print publications.

General estimates are that this recession will last 18-36 months. Once ad spending does begin to increase again, fewer ad dollars will go back into print and more will go into Web, mobile, games and product placement. Much of the costs of creating an ad campaign that previously went to photographers will instead go to videographers, graphic designers, user experience designers and 3-D modelers.

Of course commercial, editorial and corporate photography won't disappear. There will still be  print publications as well as billboards, bus shelters, brochures and other marketing and promotional needs that only photography can fill. But much of that will be filled with low-cost microstock whenever possible. More...

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